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Dispatches from the Goonited States
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Ouroboros With Apple


For those still following this blog, it's obviously still undergoing changes as I try and figure out just what I want to be doing with this space. All posts prior to this one have now been re-secured as 'friends only' as I start the process of a redesign/realignment of my LJ, which has been delayed as it's been kind of a hectic and life-changing period of time since my last post: I've now settled down with a serious boyfriend; I came out to my parents; moved up in my job; and have hung out further with a lot of the officers I photograph to the point where my identity is an open secret for most major departments across the expanse of the Eastern Seaboard. All in all, 2009 was a big year for some long-awaited changes, almost all for the better.

Anyway, one thing I figured I'd keep constant is one final Daily Landscape photo-montage for the past year. As I did last year, here's a sample of what I photographed in 2009 in roughly chronological order. Enjoy, y'all, and have a safe and festive New Year's!

This was the year that was...Collapse )

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